The Virtual Reality experience

Each 360° tour can be experienced with VR goggles. No additional software is necessary.

  • Compatible with any Virtual Reality goggles
  • Virtual tours are more realistic than ever before
  • Sellers love them!
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your design, your leads!

Give your listing a professional appearance and attract more prospects. We create a website for each of your listings with virtual tours. Its design is tailored to you and YOU capture more leads here!

  • Includes Your logo
  • And Your colors
  • Leads go straight to YOU
Floor plan feature

The ability to integrate floor plans in the tour, allows visitors to get a better overview of the property.
With hotspots featured throughout the plan you can navigate to any position with one easy click.

  • Simple plan integration
  • Improved navigation in tour

Take a peek into the next room to get an idea and better guidance.

  • easier navigation
  • limited to open rooms
Password protection

Protect the privacy of tenants in residential properties and determine who has access to a tour. You will receive an overview of the potential buyers of your property.

  • Protection of privacy
  • Information about potential buyers
Statistical overview

Now you can access valuable data on who has viewed a property, which details they liked and the time spent in each room.

  • Statistical evaluation
  • Who / where / when / how long / how often
Email design

Give your e-mail correspondence a professional appearance. Send invitations for tours in your own style.

  • Emails in your design
  • Thumbnails for the property in question
Integration into MLS and your website

The 360° immoviewer tours can be easily integrated in your MLS and embedded into your website. Be ahead of your competitors and rise your SEO ranking – Google loves relevant content.

  • Easy embedded to your website
  • Non branded link for integration in MLS
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Intuitive user interface

Our online portal is distinguished by its easy to use and user-friendly interface.
Here you can create and manage your virtual tours quickly and efficiently.

Interested in immoviewer? Ask for your free trial today.

  • Intuitive interface
  • easy to use